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The Next Level Business Program is broken out by where you are in your business journey. Which one is right for you?


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Gear Up

You’re getting started. You have a few clients, or you’re a brand-new start up. You’re probably bringing in around $2,500 a month. But you just aren't where you know you should be. You’re putting all your time and effort in, but you just don’t seem to be growing like you feel you should. You need more business and more cash coming in the door, and you really want to hit that first $100K.

Let’s talk about all things start-up! You’re going to learn everything from marketing, getting new clients, business plans and even finances. Everything you need to get to $10K a month, consistently.

Bridge The Gap

Congratulations! You had your first $100,000 year! And you are consistent! That is no small accomplishment. But now you’re busier than you thought you ever could be. There simply isn’t enough of you to go around. You know you can make this business grow to a 7-figure business, but how can you do that? You can barely keep up now!

Let’s talk about systems that will free up your time, finding the right people to do the right things to support you, so you can truly focus on scaling up your growth. Let’s look at a business model that allows you the expansion and revenue growth your looking for, that won’t drain your bank or your energy.

The Ascent

You did it! You hit 7 figures! But your experiencing Ground Hog Day. You run around every day, putting out the same fires, having the same conversations, setting the same goals. It just isn’t happening. You can’t grow, you can’t get any further. You’re starting to wonder why you even started this business. And looking at your cash report sends you into a spiral of depression.

Let’s talk about what its going to take to get you to the Summit. Because what got you here, isn’t going to get you there. It requires something entirely different. A new way of looking at your business. The adage, working on your business and not in it, is true for a reason. Now we turn YOU into a multi 7-figure leader.

Base Camp

Great job! You’ve built a great business! You’re the CEO of an amazing company that has earned at least $3 million in revenue. You have employees, at least one location, maybe more and don’t seem to have much problem getting business in the door. But you haven’t taken a real vacation in years and maybe you aren’t spending much time with the family. Your employees don’t seem to be as productive as you would like, and you don’t really know why. It seems like you are putting the same fire out every day. You want to scale up your business and you know you can be bigger and better, but you’re already constantly anxious about cash! And the idea of taking on one more job/client or hiring one more person makes you sick. 

This is Base Camp, and it wasn’t easy getting here. Base Camp is at 17,000 feet. It’s a big deal just getting that far, and you did it. There was time, energy, and money spent, but you got there. Now you want to take this thing further. Deep down, you know you can build something even better. But your leadership team doesn’t seem to really get what you are trying to do. Maybe you are questioning if some of them are really the right people for where you want to go. Possibly, you just don’t know what to do with them, or how to get them to consistently hit the mark every day. Do they even know what that mark is?  And let’s not forget the staff in general. No one does the same thing the same way every time. They all have their own way of doing it.

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The Summit

So, what does it look like at the top?

How would you like to...

  • Work less than ever but have more accomplished and continue to move forward
  • Scale up your business while protecting profits and cash
  • Finally have your team on board with your vision and goals
  • Have a real plan to reach those goals
  • Have real communication and consistent processes in your organization
  • Eliminate excuses
  • Have everyone in the organization accountable
  • Be happy in your business and finally have the life you imagined when you first opened the doors

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