Why And How To Create A Vision

basecamp May 25, 2020

Having a vision for your business is essential. Every decision you make, every single day, drives your business closer to that vision or away from that vision. There's no in-between. Either you're going towards the vision or you're going away from it. On today's episode of Basecamp, I discuss Why And How To Create A Vision.

First, I wanna say two things about vision. Typically, I end up talking to a business owner about vision when they come on as a new client. And often they've either never worked as a coach or consultant before, so they really don't understand this vision, mission thing, or it's a new business all together and one of the first things, if you work with a coach, especially someone online, coming up with your vision is one of the first things that they have you do because that's what helps keep you driving forward.

The reason why you want a vision and especially, now, if you're in the first three years of business, you probably don't have, especially if you haven't worked with a coach, you probably don't have a dialed-in vision.

But if you're three years and older, it's time. You may have some remnants of something rumbling around your head from when you first started your business, a reason why you did this to yourself but you don't have anything solid, concrete, or on paper, and you certainly probably haven't shared it in full with your team.

So that's what we're going to do today. First, why and what is it?

Well, in today's world, right now, for the sake of this communication, we're gonna talk about three years. Now, typically when I work with somebody, we're talking about a big 10-year goal, today we're gonna talk about the three-year vision.

We're gonna keep it simple, okay? And the question is where do you want your team, where do you want your business in three years? Do you wanna hit a million, five, 10 million? Do you wanna hit the first 50 million? Do you wanna open another location in the region? Maybe you wanna go open an office in California. Maybe you wanna go global and go to Japan.

Whatever that is, what does it look like in three years? What does the business look like? What do the goal and the vision look like three years from now? Basically, you're on a train and you're going there.

Every decision you make, every single day, drives your business closer to that vision or away from that vision. There's no in-between. Either you're going towards the vision or you're going away from it.

The key is getting your team on board. If you can get your team onboard and emotionally attached to your vision, then you're definitely going to be going down the tracks. Why do we wanna do that?

Well, because if you're going this way on the train and your team is going this way on the train, or even part of your team is going this way on the train, you're not aligned. You're not both driving in the same direction. You're not going towards the same goal.

So you wanna figure out what your vision is and then you want to communicate that to your team, and you wanna get them emotionally attached. How do you do that? Depending on the size of the company, you could do this with your entire company but for right now, you wanna do it with your main leadership team.

These are the high-level people, the people driving everybody else. Have 'em sit down, communicate your vision to them. What do you wanna do? In three years, I wanna be able to open two offices in Japan. Great, we're on board, we've got your back.

Now you're gonna ask them to take out a piece of paper. And they're gonna envision what the company looks like in three years after you've opened these two offices in Japan, or whatever it is. Make your first million, who knows. And they're gonna list 10 to 20 things that directly affect and impact them, in a good way, in a positive way, in those three years after you have reached this goal, and they're gonna write those things down.

Maybe it is that you're increasing your revenue to 10 million. John, the head of sales and marketing "whoa, I get bonuses and commissions, yeah. I'm gonna take the family on vacation. I'm gonna build a new house by the Beamer."

Maybe it's Jane, she wants to go to Japan and open those offices. "Wow, I've always wanted to go to Japan. That's right up my alley. I'm doing that."

Whatever it is, make sure they list them down. The next part may get a little woo-woo-y for some people but trust me, this is where the magic happens. Once they've made that list, have them close their eyes and envision themselves walking the halls of this business three years later, whether that's here, in the new location, in Japan, wherever it is, they're walking the halls of this new business, and they're feeling those 10 items on that list that they just made.

John is feeling the impact, the pride and the joy that that additional bonus in commission came in. Maybe he's got a wonderful sales team that he now gets to oversee and lead.

Jane's overwhelming feeling of accomplishment because she just opened this office in Japan. whatever it is that's on their list, have them feel it. Let them sit there for five or 10 minutes and really feel the emotions associated with these things that they have just accomplished three years from now. Why are we doing that? Because now they're emotionally attached to your vision.

Now, how much harder do you think they're gonna work for you to make that vision happen? Because they're all aligned and they're all on the same place and you're all going in the same direction and they're emotionally invested in it.

If you can get the alignment and the passion connected, that's when your team is going to go out and make that happen for you. What if you could have the business of your dreams?

If you would like more information on how to turn your business around, and grow your business so that you can have more cash, and a lot less stress, let's schedule a call today.

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