The 2 questions you must answer to make the hard decisions

basecamp Jan 31, 2021

Just because you own a business, doesn’t mean you have the answer to every question and opportunity that comes along. No matter what your staff or spouse think. Making decisions for your company can be painful. We can agonize over these decisions to the point that we never actually make a decision in hopes that the issue just goes away.

The problem with that is, it doesn’t go away. And sometimes, by delaying the inevitable decision, the issue becomes larger and often costly to the company.

We need new opportunities and ideas to continue growing. But with new ideas comes a constant shift in priorities. As a result, deadlines get missed. Customers become confused and unhappy. Goals and targets go missed and fall by the wayside. You and your team are now in reactive, firefighting mode. You try to finish the work that wasn’t completed on time or up to the customers standards, but now you have an unhappy customer.

Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great, said it perfectly. “When things are really clicking for an organization…you are more likely to die of indigestion of too many opportunities than you are of starvation of not enough.”

 Basically, its great to have a ton of opportunities presented to you but saying yes to every single one at the same time is not going to help you.

 So how do you make the hard decision? How do you know which opportunity to take and which to table?

 For this, we go back to our beginnings and answer two questions.

  •  The company’s purpose, or passion. In other words, why does the company exist? It isn’t about goals or targets, its why you started the company. What is the purpose of the company? Why are you and your team showing up every day?
  • The one thing. What is the one thing? The one thing you are really great at.  This is the one thing that IS the one thing that the business does all day every day.

 The answer to these two questions is your company’s sweet spot. This is your Core Focus. Once you understand exactly what the company Core Focus is, every decision is made with that in mind. Every opportunity is filtered through the Core Focus and if it doesn’t measure up to the purpose/passion and your one thing, then the question is answered for you. It keeps the distractions at bay. Basically, if it doesn’t fit, don’t do it.

 Take a look around your business today. What are you and your team doing that doesn’t fit into your sweet spot? Is your team clear on your Core Focus? Do they know what the purpose is? Are they laser clear on the main thing the company does, or do they get distracted by the shiny objects? 

And remember, if you find something that doesn’t fit, stop doing it. You will be amazed at how much time and money you will save.


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