Referral of a Lifetime

books Jul 29, 2019

Written by Tim Templeton, it is part of the Ken Blanchard Series. This is the old one. There is a 2nd addition out now. It is written as a story but teaches a step-by-step system that allows the reader to generate a steady stream of new business through consistent referrals and existing customers and friends. No more cold calls, no more advertising, no more begging for sales.

Its about Susie McCumber who is struggling with her business. She simply isn’t getting enough clients. While making her daily pilgrimage to her local coffee shop, owned by Chuck Krebbs, she informs him she about ready to give up. Chuck sets her up with David Michael Highground. He is a good friend of Chuck’s and was referred to him years ago.

Susie meets with Highground for several days, and he introduces her to 4 people that he has helped the exact same what in the past. Through these meetings, they each teach her a part of his system. This system is about building your business by building and nurturing relationships.

By understanding, that business will come much faster, easy, and more honestly, but relationship. She learns to create her list, categorize it, how to talk to your clients about how you do business this way, and how to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. It is very systematized, easy to follow and oh yea, it works.

This book is how I built my first firm to a 6 figure business in 18 months, and was a multi 6 figure business by the 2nd year. I tried print advertising once during that business lifespan and it net me nothing I really wanted.


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