How To Adapt To The New Normal

basecamp Apr 28, 2020

On today's episode of Basecamp, I discuss why and how to adapt to the changes happening from the pandemic.

Hi, I'm Christine Trumbull, and this is Base Camp. I just got an email that reminded me, or actually, that sent me a link to Simon Sinek. A new video that he just put up. I absolutely adore Simon Sinek.

And it was a recording of a virtual company meeting that he had with his staff. But, it was him, talking to his own staff about infinite mindset and how these are not unprecedented times.

Industry changes. Economies change. Those that learn how to adapt and adjust are the ones that are gonna be around at the end.

The questions we have to ask ourselves is how are we going to do what we do?

How and what are we gonna need to change in order to do what we do?

And then he gave some examples. For example, when the internet came on the scene, those that adapted and embraced are the ones that succeeded. Those that hunkered down with their pen and paper did not.

There are no video stores anymore because everything went streaming. Uber is not putting the cab companies out of business, the cab companies are not adapting and changing. They're putting themselves out of business.

It's about reinvention and are you going to reinvent yourself within your company, or even, potentially, can you reinvent your company? You may have to if you want to adapt and change and be here when this is over.

We need to drastically change our mindset and we need to drastically reinvent ourselves and adapt to the current new normal. Even if it's short term, if you wanna be here when it's over.

So you have to start asking yourself these questions, are you ready to shift your mindset?

Are you ready to reinvent your strategy?

And are you going to adapt to a new normal?

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