Daily Huddle #5 - Tip 5

basecamp Apr 27, 2020

Tip #5 of the Daily Huddle - Dashboards and Scorecards. We don't have a crystal ball, but Dashboards and Scorecards can come pretty close.

Remember the daily huddle is your daily 15 minute meeting with your team where you have the opportunity to make sure that everybody leaves from that meeting and goes through their day completely aligned and understanding what your goals are and what everyone's expectations are.

The last thing is, that you have to have in your daily huddle is a dashboard. And hopefully, you have a dashboard.

The dashboard is an integral part of scaling up your business, growing your business, and understanding where your business is every day. And if it's important, it's on the dashboard. And it can be measurements, it can be goals. It can be assignments, to-dos, who are supposed to be doing what, it's on the dashboard.

Everyone sees it, everyone has their part and their assignment on the dashboard. So everyone is now aligned and working towards the same goals.

The dashboard is an incredibly powerful tool that will keep your organization aligned and driving forward in the same place, in the same direction every single day.

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