Daily Huddle #4 - Tip 4

basecamp Apr 23, 2020

Issues, Challenges & Bottlenecks. This is the time to get them all out on the table so everyone knows where everyone else is and what the hold up is. Its seems simple, but its a powerful tool.

Today we're gonna talk about the fourth opportunity or tip for improving your daily huddles. Remember the daily huddle is your daily 15 minute opportunity to get your team completely aligned in all of your goals, and everyone leaves, understanding the expectations in exactly what they're supposed to do that day.

Tip #4: Issues and Challenges

This is an opportunity for talking about any of the issues. Issues and challenges come up every single day. And instead of being a reactionary company, we're trying to turn into a proactive company.

So if we bring the issues and the challenges and where people are stuck to the daily huddle, it gives us a brief opportunity to potentially solve them. At the very most, you know now where the bottleneck is or what the challenge is.

Now, some of these issues can be solved instantly right there. I am not saying get caught up for the next 45 minutes to two hours trying to solve that issue.

Some issues may be too big, and they need to be taken offline to a separate meeting. But at least they're on the table, and you can follow up every day to ensure that that issue and that challenge has been addressed and taken care of.

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