Daily Huddle #3 - Tip 3

basecamp Apr 22, 2020

#3 in the Daily Huddle Tip series. Maintaining corporate culture can be hard enough, but now your team is working from home. Keeping everyone connected, on target and aligned is even more difficult. Today's tip includes accountability and maintaining alignment. 

Today is our third tip for our daily huddle.

What is the daily huddle?

Remember that is your daily 15 minutes opportunity to get your team completely aligned, so that they're going out with complete understanding of what everybody else is gonna do, their expectations and your goals.

#3 Reviewing Your Metrics

Your most important KPIs, your key performance indicators that you're measuring, every day, every week, month and quarter, are going to be reviewed every single day at this meeting. There's only about three or five.

These are the top ones, the most important that you have to look at every single day to ensure that your business is being driven forward the way it's supposed to be. Everyone else sees everyone's key performance indicators and their metrics.

So everybody in the group is gonna know if John is doing what he's supposed to do and if Susie is doing what she is supposed to do. Builds a little peer pressure, a little competition, and that's okay. But these are the three to five most important measurements that you need to look at every single day. They're there and they're reviewed at every daily huddle.

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