Daily Huddle #2 - Tips 1 & 2

basecamp Apr 21, 2020

#2 in the Daily Huddle series. Now more than ever, communicating with your team, keeping them all aligned and on track is vital to survival. These incredibly easy to implement actions produce results that typically help companies scale up growth, but during this crisis could be a vital part of continuity.

Hi, Christine Trumball, and this is base camp. Today is the first day of five tips for your daily huddle.

Remember the daily huddle is the daily 15-minute opportunity to get your team completely aligned before they go out and start their day.

Tip #1: Start At An Odd Time

Why? Because if you start every every day at say 8 o'clock, then everybody's gonna know, you eventually get into this habit of, well you're gonna start 8:05, and I could take a few minutes and get my latte.

If you start at an odd time like 8:07, and you're very consistent and start every day at 8:07, then they're gonna start getting the idea that I better be there at 8:07.

Tip #2: Start With Good News.

Why good news? Because, it's really easy to come in every day with negative and somethings going wrong and something's bad.

So now you've started your meeting, your daily meeting, as well as starting your day on a negative note. We have enough days where we can do that. We don't need to create more of it for ourselves.

So start off with something positive. Something that was good yesterday. Something that was achieved, a celebration, it doesn't matter, just something good and positive.

Allow personal as well as business. Why? Because now we're starting to get to know one another, and they're gonna become more aligned with each other and we're building a team.

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