Daily Huddle #1 - What & Why

basecamp Apr 20, 2020

Communication is always key in business. More than ever, communication with your team is essential. The Daily Huddle is a tried and true process that works for multi-million dollar businesses all the way down to a two-man/woman shop.

Hi, I'm Christine Trumbull and this is base camp.

Today we're gonna talk about the daily huddle. Over the next four days, I'm gonna give you five tips to make your daily huddle productive and efficient.

What is a daily huddle?

The daily huddle is a 15 minute daily meeting with your leadership team. If you're a large corporation, that's your top level leadership.

If you're a small corporation, it could be everybody. If it's just you and your assistant, then it's just you and your assistant but it's every day consistently at the same time for 15 minutes.

Why a daily huddle? What is the purpose?

I'm going to use a football analogy. When the team goes out on the field, they don't just go out and run a play. They have a huddle. What are they doing in the huddle?

They are all agreeing, understanding the goals, and when they leave, when they break, they are all aligned. Each one of them knows exactly what they're going to do. You're sending your team out every single day completely aligned to your goals and everybody understands what they're doing.

So over the next four days, I'm gonna give you five tips to help make your daily huddle productive and work for you and your team.

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