Are you on target for 2021?

basecamp Jan 27, 2021

Are you on target for your 2021 goals, at the very least your 2021 first quarter goals? Do you remember when we talked about the after-action review. This is where you actually put it into practice. If you haven't put those steps into practice, this is the fantastic opportunity to take a look back in January. So as a review of the after-action review, has four steps.

Step one.

State what you wanted to have happen. That's the battle plan, your objectives, your goals. What are your goals for 2021 specifically your goals for the first quarter of 2021? This is your battle plan. Your objectives.

Step two

Acknowledge what actually happened. This is the distance between your desired goal and your current reality.  We are looking for the distance between your goal, your object, your battle, objective, and your current reality.

Step three

Learn from the experience. What did you learn? What was missing? What was a pleasant surprise? What actually happened? What did you learn from what you've accomplished?

Step four

Adjust your behavior. And you must be honest with this. You have to realize what the issues were that kept you from attaining your goal, your objective. Is it a, is it a limiting belief? Is it a barrier? Do you have staffing problems? Are challenged with delegating? Are you just caught up in the whirlwind of every day, putting out fires?

Now put the whole thing into practice.

First look at your three to five major goals or accomplishments that you wanted to have happen this month hit your quarterly goal. How far have you come in January? You had something you needed to have happened in January in order to make your goal for the quarter. Did it happen? How far away are you from it?

Next, what worked and what didn't work? You have a goal, and you have reality. Look at the distance between the two and what you did to get to where you are, and which part didn't work?

Lastly, is what are you going to keep? What are you going to improve on? What are you going to start doing? What are you going to stop doing? So you know where you want to be. You know where you are. What did you do to get you to where you landed? What do you need to stop doing that kept you from your goal? Stop doing that! What can you start doing to get there? What can you keep doing that helped you get there and how can you improve on that? You want to improve on that. You want to keep doing it to these to get you here again. If it's a barrier, get rid of the barrier, do whatever it is you need to do to work past the barrier. If you don't have enough time and you're doing everything, delegate, get staff.

It can be pretty simple. But you must consciously sit down and determine ‘this is where I am. This is how far I got. Why didn't I get all the way? What do I need to change in order to do that?’ And then actually go and make those changes. That's the only way you progress consistently every single day.

Or you can come back this time next year and ask yourself, ‘why didn't get anything done last year? Why can't I move forward?’

 So I hope that was helpful to you have a lovely day and I will see you on the next go round. Bye.


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