Are you happy with everyone in your business?

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2021

Is everyone happy and engaged in the business?

If you don’t answer yes to this question for you, your employees, your customers and any other stakeholders, you have some work to do.

 Owners need great people both in the company and outside of it. Your investors, your suppliers, your customers your advisors and of course your employees.

When I am in any setting, being networking, coaching communities, anywhere. The top two issues are people and cash.

How do you know when you need to make changes with the people in your life? Ask yourself these two questions.

 Are you happy?  It’s a basic and straightforward question. Do you like coming to work? Do you look forward to coming to work? Or do you have a particular leader or manager not getting the job done. Are you have issues with a business partner? Is someone disrupting everyone daily with drama. Do you have a large percentage of your revenue tied up with one customer who behaves like he is your only customer, and he wants to make sure you are well aware of it? Do you have an issue with a supplier not delivering?

Would you enthusiastically rehire everyone, knowing what you know today?  This includes not just employees, but customers, suppliers and anyone else involved in your business.  It is a difficult question but forces you to face the brutal facts and hopefully make changes. When you are growing, you will eventually outgrow some earlier relationships.

These relationships will drain you of emotional energy. Energy you need to focus on rebuilding your business and growing. There is little left to forces on strategy, execution or cash, and these people cost you a lot in cash!

I will be continuing the conversation about people but for today, I want to give you a starting place.

For everyone involved in your company, start categorizing your people as A, B, & C players.

  • A Players expect: Essentials prepared for them
    on the first day
  • Clear expectations
  • Removal of obstacles and
    support with resources
  • B Players, especially those aligned
    with Core Values can be coached up
  • C Players need to be decisively
    coached out

And please understand, hope doesn’t create an A player. I’ve tried.

If you’re struggling with the people area of your business and you would like to talk, let’s get on a call.


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