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Growing a business is like climbing Everest. 


Growing a business is like climbing Everest. You start out at Base Camp and the Summit is the high level vision of your organization.

To get there, you have to increase your revenue consistently, have a team that sees the Summit too, and drive growth that is sustainable while increasing your personal income and quality of life.

But you don't do it alone. We're here to Coach The Climb!

Christine Trumbull

Founder of Coaching The Climb

Christine is a a CPA and certified business coach dedicated to helping others succeed.

She specializes in creating customized plans that follow her proven system designed to help organizations scale to levels they never thought possible.

With her help, you will create a new foundation, build a strategy, and execute the techniques necessary to climb the success mountain. 

How We Can Help

When you become a partner with us, we help you and your team to consistently grow revenue, develop and leverage teams that have 100% buy in, all while keeping more cash on the bottom line and giving owners more freedom. 


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"Christine is absolutely amazing. She helped my organization gain new clarity in where we wanted to go, how to get there, and guided us every step of the way. "

Owner & Founder of Digital Champions

"Christine is focused and decisive, with laser sharp focus. She is creative and not limited to one-size fits all. When she sees a problem or a task ahead, she can identify all the necessary steps and the pros and cons of an idea with little effort (although I know it takes effort), but it seems almost like all the necessary steps appear like a flowchart in her head."

Lyanne T.

"Christine is a motivator and will push you out of your comfort zone in order to view the world around you, so you are able to see the bigger picture. She challenges you to think bigger. She set up an off-site management workshop. This is was to build the foundation for the business and to recognize the tools that we needed to grow a better business. By getting management to interact in a positive way, it showed that we all had the same ideals. She pushed and pushed until she got what she wanted out of all of us, what she knew we were all capable of giving. I left that workshop feeling inspired and ready to be part of something amazing."

Kathleen W.

"Christine is very passionate about what she can bring to a company … She is an experienced and trusted advisor. She made a difference between building a successful company and not allowing the dream to die. "

Stephanie M

"Christine is the type of leader who picks someone up when they are down and inspires people to be a better version of themselves. From my own experience, I also know she is a dependable and caring mentor who is always willing to share her wisdom and knowledge."

Lauren H.
Managing Partner, Risk Advisory

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